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Monday, July 31, 2006

Going Home

I am always so excited to go home. As much as I love being away from it all for a minute and doing everything I want to do, there never fails to be this pull drawing me home after a day or so of being away. The hotel beds are always nice and comfy, it’s great to know that I can eat in bed if I want to – I don’t ever do this at home. It’s funny how charming eating breakfast in bed looks in movies. In reality, I can’t stand the feel of crumbs on my body. When I’m all by myself, I can watch pretty much any channel I want to, eat anything I want and generally do as I please. It’s all about me when I am away from home. It is good to be away from the daily grind and feel free from all obligations for a minute. However, I LOVE my home with all its imperfections - no 5-star meals or extra comfy beds. I am always excited to be back in my comfort zone with my husband and our plants.


Saturday, July 29, 2006

What Not to Wear to Weddings

With all the weddings in the air, it is time for a post about what not to wear. In the past year, I have been to countless weddings and seen gazillions of pictures from weddings I have not attended. Looking back, there really should be someone telling folks what not to wear. I am no expert but I'll take a stab at this. Where do I start? I'll just put together a list:

Dressing overly casual – Okay, this is like the biggest day in the life of the couple and you want to wear jeans or a polo shirt? You might want to think twice about this. I have seen girls – yes- girls wearing jeans to a wedding. Okay, one girl. Still, do NOT under any circumstances wear jeans to a wedding. That is so rude. The other day, I was looking through some pictures and saw this one guy wearing a polo shirt to a wedding. I did a double take. He must not have known the couple and decided to go with or must have come straight from work. Still, abeg/please/biko, change in your car if you must attend the wedding. Rule of thumb, if it is not expressly stated that it is a casual wedding, try your best. Whatever that might be. The couple (and their guests and their well wishers who view the pictures from a distance) will be glad you did.

Spending your rent on clothes – The other day, I went to the mall and saw dresses that I had seen at weddings. I picked up a few and was surprised at the price tags. Unless you are incredibly rich, I do not think it is advisable to go around spending that kind of cash or plastic on clothes. For one, they hold no value (as in, you can’t cash in one day and pull out your equity), second, as women, we always want variety in our wardrobes and this is a sure way to go broke or go have your lights turned off just when your friends decide to visit. There are bound to be countless weddings. It definitely seems to be the season. Don’t go broke this way. In fact, don’t go broke at all.

Wearing the same outfit to multiple weddings – I am ratting myself out here. I essentially have two dresses for weddings. The brown BCBG or the brown no-name dress. I rotate. The last four weddings I attended, I wore either one of these dresses. In fact, my friend is getting married tomorrow and I am wearing the no-name one. I wore the BCBG to a wedding in New York a couple of months ago. With the no-name one, I can either go strapless or with straps. Not that it matters, it is still the same dress. My point here is that everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. I don’t think anyone has caught on yet because these weddings have been in different parts of the country. Knowing my luck and karma being a B, I am sure now that I’ve said this, I will indeed get caught. Anyway, if you must do this, try not to get caught. Make sure that the people getting married don’t know each other so that there is no six degrees of separation thing happening. Meaning that if they don’t know each other, the likelihood of them having the same guests at their weddings is reduced. There is the possibility that no one could know. The down side to this is that you can’t share pictures openly when you keep wearing the same outfit. I guess the remedy here is to buy affordable dresses and accessorize.

Do not tread the beaten path – Go where people don’t go. Hit the little-known one-woman owned boutiques when it comes to shopping. They are not more expensive as one is bound to think. The malls could be a dangerous place. In fact, no matter where you go, there is always the possibility that someone could wear your dress. That’s a no-no. Not the malls, but someone else having your dress. Hit up unique boutiques if you can. Also, try sample sales. They usually have great brands for up to 90% off. Boutiques also have warehouse type sales where they come together in one big warehouse for a cash-only, try it on, buy it now sale. There you can get things that are less common. If your city has a daily candy, visit once in a while to know what's new and fresh in your area. However, if you must hit up the commonly-taken path, make up for it with your accessories. Besides, you’ll always look better than the other person.

Remove your earpiece – I have seen people with their Motorola blue tooth ear thingy still on their ear at weddings. Again, abeg/please/biko, if it is not an earring, take it off your ear. I think this is pretty understandable, init?

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Having a Blast!

So, I'm in the DC area for the next couple of days. Came here for work first, play second. Yeah, right. Anyway, now that work is over and done with, I can settle in and have a fun couple of days. Yesterday, after a round of meetings and display of good employee behavior (responding to emails as soon as they appeared in my inbox and checking in on things back at the office), I decided to hit up Adams Morgan. Whaaaaaaaaat! That place is the bomb. My only regret was that I was solo the whole time. While I enjoy hanging out by myself, I always wish that DH is with me to share these experiences.

Nevertheless, I had heard about this African restaurant that I MUST try when I'm in DC so I went. Since it was African and I wasn't sure who I could run into, I made an attempt to look semi-decent. Wore my new jeans, a blousy-looking tee (gotta love those - only 10 bucks), accessories, and heels. Anyways I took off in search of this African restaurant. I must have come on a bad day because I totally couldn't eat the rice. It was all good though because I enjoyed the atmosphere. As I walked in, people were kinda looking a little curiously cause I was sans any company. The waiter was like, "Two?" and I said, "No, one, thanks." Anyway, after the initial whatever whatever, I took a seat in the back, ate all the chicken and watched people having a blast. There was this one woman that got so drunk her friend had to take her to the bathroom. It was funny how ticked off her friend was because she had been having a great time now comes 'Chontae/Risi/Chika' messing up the move. All the same she was nice to her friend – taking care of her and gushing after her to make sure she was okay.

There was also this one Zidane-y looking German guy seated next to me. I guess he saw me staring at his wings and offered me some. Nah, don't eat wings from strangers. I didn't say that though. Anyway, the guy was pretty interesting. I asked him if he came there often cause he was obviously enjoying himself. I didn't really hear his response but I gathered so because he said to try the fish next time I come and started talking about the live band. Oh really? Live band? I should have had a nap before going because I would really have enjoyed that. Anyway, the guy's background seemed pretty interesting – works for the World Bank, lives in Africa, was raised in Africa, etc. I hung around see if I could catch some FREE live music but it was getting late (around tenish) and I had started yawning already. These days, I need to catch a few zzzzzzzzzs if I want to do any late night moves. I people watched for a few more minutes.

Not too far from me was this couple that walked right in from the street. They looked pretty interesting and I was curious to see what they would order. They had wings for appetizers. Those wings must have been good. They went through the whole thing so fast. For their entree, the woman/wife ordered rice, vegetables and shrimp and the guy had fufu, vegetables and the same chicken I had. I told my next door table mate it was nice talking to him and bounced. It must have been abrupt because he seemed a little surprised. I guess it's good to have company when you're eating alone but oga, I don marry o. I would definitely go back there, I probably caught the rice on a bad day but the atmosphere was cool. I enjoy people watching.

The fun part of the evening came much later. Since I had eaten so little, I decided to spoil myself with a little scoop of ice cream. I got the espresso one because I needed to wake up a little. As I walked towards the ice cream place, I heard what sounded like karaoke on the other side of the street. The dude’s voice was totally whack but he kept singing. I couldn’t help myself, I jaywalked to the other side of the street to watch this live music. It so cracked me up! People were standing around watching him and laughing. A couple of guys were booing but others were mostly cheering. I laughed my head off. At one point, I went to help the guy out – we sang Enrique Iglesias’ Hero. Now, my voice was even whacker than the dude so it was ridiculous! I don’t know why I joined him. Singing in the streets is typically not my idea of having a good time. I don't ever karaoke. The whole thing was so funny, I was laughing as I sang along because my voice is terrible. Before I knew it, people started taking pictures. Abeg o, please do not use my picture for Girls Gone Wild. I asked one girl that had been taking pictures to take some pictures with my camera of me and karaoke guy so I have a couple to look back on. Woulda posted them today but my cable thingy is at home. That was fun!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Almost Monday

This was such a good weekend. Seriously. Hung out with friends on Friday until two in the morning. It is always such a blast to hang out with like-minded people. We started out at the movies, then grabbed a bite to eat. The gist was so solid that we shut the place down and had to look for another spot to continue the evening. Finally, we went to this coffeehouse and hung out there until way past two in the morning.

Saturday was equally great. It was 'love me' day - pretty much all about me. Except that being the mother of a thirty-plus year old who was sick, I had to take care of business and then head out on my own business. I really just wanted to hang out by myself so I hit the mall to look for the perfect skirt to go with the bustier that I'll be wearing to a wedding next week. There were sales everywhere. I strayed from the original plan and flirted with the idea of wearing this hot red number from Bebe but as much as I loved it, I couldn't get it because I noticed a questionable stain on it. I hit up Karen Millen next and there were tons of gorgeous dresses but they all get as they be with my current frame. I hate that place. All the girls there are skinny hot and I'm not. Oh well, I got a really nice silk top that would be nice for date night and then I moved on to BCBG. More sales there. I found a skirt that might work and squeezed my way into a size four. It made my butt look somehow so I had to let it go despite the respectable price tag. Bloomies was next and I found this lovely black dress. The sales woman whispered to me that it is going on sale on Tuesday so I tried on a couple of potential candidates and held off on buying the dress until Tuesday of course. Thank you for hooking a sister up.

Don't know how I got off on that tangent. I have been getting some shopaholic tendencies lately. Hopefully, it will pass soon enough. On my way out of the mall, I impulsively grabbed 3 different tops in the junior section without trying them on or looking at the sizes. Thank God they all fit when I got home. Great sales, great buys. Great 'love me' day. Feeling less selfish, I went to visit a friend of a friend who just had a baby and hung out with the friend and her friend and all their kids. After two hours, I got bored of watching them feed their babies and took my leave. Seriously, watching the force-feeding game was putting me to sleep fast and I had to go because I was literally falling asleep right there. On my way out the door, DH called to say we were invited to dinner. Great!

That was my Saturday. By Sunday, there was a standoff in the house of peace so we both went to our different places of worship. I got back home earlier, changed into my normally-worn-at-home-short-short skirt, a light top, and my sister's flats and packed a bag for the park. I intended to finish a book that I've been reading for the past month or so and took my laptop to work on a spreadsheet for work just in case I finished the book earlier. Who do I see as I head out? My wonderful DH getting out of his car but talking on the phone. I waved and walked in the direction of my car. He quickly ends his conversation and asks where I'm going. He is surprised I'm going to the park alone so I ask if he wants to come. He's game so we both go back in so he can get changed. We find a shady spot by a lake and I bring out my book and we just sit quietly and enjoy the afternoon. Actually, there was some interruption in our quiet time when this guy came by with his two adorable daughters. Ooh, they were so cute! It was fun watching him play with his girls. DH thought they were cute too. After the park, we went to get our Dyson, hung out with my sisters for a minute and went to a Thai place for dinner. The end of another weekend. I hope Friday comes quickly enough.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Office Space

What is it with office space in America? People get so offended when they are relegated to windowless offices, cubicles, smaller cubicles, etc. It's funny how people that have offices feel a sense of pride saying "Why don't you come up to my office and we'll have a quick chat?" Uh, why don't we talk over the phone? I'm not really interested in that piece of art you got from Italy. Let's just get the work done.

I don't know what class it was during undergrad but we were learning about cultural differences and how office space in particular is very important to Americans. The bigger the office, the higher up you must be. Well, that's not always the case. At least not for my company. Some assistants have offices while some managers have cubicles. It's a case of first come first served. No biggie. I will admit though that coming in as a newbie, I was a little surprised to have been given a cubicle. I expected I would get an office but whatever, I moved in and got used to it quickly. No big deal. I don't ever feel attached to spaces. I don't have pictures of family, friends and furry friends plastered on the walls or on my desk.

I always find it amusing when I get out of a meeting and someone says, "Why don't I follow you to your office to continue our discussion?" and then I say, "Sure, I'm in that cubicle over there, follow me." You should see the looks on their faces. Priceless. What's the big deal people? Get over yourselves. An office does not define you. Equally, a cubicle does not define you. Do your work and go home. There you can get the bedroom with the window. On a scale of one to ten it is really not that serious.

Seriously, what is the big deal, folks? Just recently, four office spaces became available and people were surprised that I did not jump into one of them. How about it takes a whole day to move? First of all, you actually have to pack your stuff and then you have to call someone to come get your boxes and move your phone and computer? I feel like I just moved here so I am in no hurry to pack up. Maybe later but not right now. I can already feel the excitement as people peek in and start taking bets about who's going to get which one. Of course, no one is going near the windowless offices.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

What Am I Doing Here?

Just about every day, I ask myself the question, "What am I doing here?" As much as I love my life here, that question never seems to go away. I identify myself as Nigerian even though I am half Nigerian. I was raised in Nigeria, went to school in Nigeria, and lived most of my life in Nigeria. Living in Nigeria was tough but I look back with mostly fond memories. Absence does make the heart grow fonder because life wasn't always all that great. However, I look back with some kind of nostalgia. Whenever I prepare to go back to Nigeria, it is with great joy and excitement. The thought of being with family and friends, eating our local delicacies and hanging out at the newest spots is what gets me excited.

Getting there, I often find, is another story. As I reflect on my last three visits back home, two out of the three were clouded with tears of frustration. On one of those visits, I had promised my boss that I would check email since I was planning to be out of the office for a whopping two weeks. I took my laptop with me and prepared to have a working holiday. Not once was I able to connect to the internet on my laptop. I had to go to a cybercafe to check any email. Checking work email and doing anything work-related was a no no because it was a breeding ground for Yahoo Yahoo boys and I didn't want to compromise such sensitive information. In fact, I remember once checking my account balance on line and using my body to cover the computer. I knew it wasn't a great idea but I needed to do a quick check on things. I was prepared to face the consequences and am happy to report that nothing went wrong there.

Power or lackthereof, was a huge source of frustration. My family had a generator that was kept on during the day but turned off at night. Even though some might say we are lucky to have a 'gen', I describe that experience as a nightmare. The noise emanating from it was so loud, it was difficult to think. Also, the fact that no matter what we tried, the house stayed suffocatingly hot is another issue. Most homes in Nigeria are built with this solid concrete that does nothing for our environment. Building technology doesn't seem to have evolved. People still use the same techniques they have been using for decades. Actually, I take that back. I understand that the colonial homes were kept cool because of the way they were built. I also remember my grandparents' home in Surulere being cool and it had that craftman feel. I digress but that heat was a mother. I am as tough as they come but one day, after being trapped in what seemed like an iron fortress, I just broke down and cried out of frustration. Iron fortress is not an exaggeration, all windows have some kind of iron bars to protect criminals from gaining access. Security, of course, is another matter altogether. I went to Nigeria ready to party with friends and family but was constantly reminded of how dangerous it is to go out at night. In fact, the few times we went out, I remember praying that we got wherever we were going and back safely.

Even after such reminders of the not so smooth and easy Nigeria, I want to go back. It sounds romanticized to people here but I feel compelled to do something. In fact, I can imagine people laughing at some ideas that I have for community building and giving back. The last time I was in Nigeria, I visited the Motherless Babies Home in Lekki - one of the nicer neighborhoods in Lagos. It was unbelievable that people in the community were not taking care of their kids. As far as I am concerned, those kids belong to the Lekki community as well. I was told by one of the matrons that they see a lot of activity around Christmas. That is when people are the most generous and remember the poor in society. That is the same way here in the US. People feel compelled to give back around the holidays and that's about it. Anyway, I remember being shocked at the state of things at the Motherless Babies Home. Prior to getting there, I'd stopped at some supermarket in Lekki to pick up groceries/provisions for the kids. I wasn't sure what they might like but I bought the things that I liked as a kid - milo, milk, jam, biscuits, bread, butter, custard, oatmeal, juices, etc. and some that I really don't like - Golden Morn. All the while thinking, I don't know what they are feeding this kids but if this is a treat for them, so be it. I remember being shocked at the peeling paint, the stench, and the kids. I picked up what seemed like a little girl and saying "Aren't you a cute little girl?" and the matron tells me that's a little boy. In a pink dress! Wow. Apparently, they didn't have enough little boy's clothes. The biggest shocker for me was a room where they had mentally ill children. One boy probably aged eight or nine was in a cot, banging his head against it- on and on and on and on. Continuously. Obviously, he was mentally challenged but to sequester him like that felt cruel. Before I go on any further, I'd like to say that I found the ladies there amazing. There were two of them in there that day taking care of maybe sixty children? I didn't have much money on me but I gave them all that I had just for them. How could I not, they are truly angels to take care of the kids with smiles on their faces. While I was there, they had a visitor who apparently comes regularly to take some of the kids out. Her accent was Australian or possibly South African and we chitchatted about the kids and she left with one of them. She'd apparently taken a liking to this little dreadlocked boy whom she changed and dressed before they took off for the weekend. I stayed behind and watched tv with the kids. It was unbelievable how they all seemed to be clamoring for my attention. They either wanted to sit on my lap or wanted me to carry them.

Long story short. Those are some of the reasons I want to go back home. My life would be more meaningful if I could do more for the kids in our communities. I know it is challenging, I know my judgement may be cloudy but that's my first home. I miss it and if can do a little bit to help, I would be over the moon.

Friday, July 14, 2006


The most shocking thing I ever experienced in my life just happened. I witnessed a flasher! Someone, a very ugly fat man, just exposed himself to me. DH went out for drinks with a friend so I decided to pay a much-deserved visit to my aunt. It was a nice visit and I started making my way home around 10pm. As I pulled up to my gate, I notice this dude leaning against the key pad. Weird, because it's very late and this guy doesn't seem to be visiting anyone in particular. Plus, he doesn't have a car and I don't think he just got off the bus. I drive through the gates and look back to make sure the gates close behind me sans Mr. Man and what do I see? This guy walks promptly through the gates. OMG! We've got an invader. I stop my car to see where he's headed and the dude stops in his tracks and drops his pants, exposing himself. Not sure of what I was seeing, I turn around and he does it again. What a freak! Why do people do that? Come Monday, I'm going to ask our Baba Porter to review the tapes and possibly call the cops. My immediate reaction was to call DH and let him know what was going on because I wasn't sure whether or not to stay in my car until I was completely sure that the guy was nowhere in sight or to get down from the car and run home to safety. I certainly didn't want Mr. Freaky Friday accosting me in any shape or form.

I didn't call the cops because DH said he was coming home immediately. I will make an official report on Monday but in the mean time, I'll have to tell the folks in my building to watch out. Now, that I'm home, I regret that I didn't take a picture. My camera was in my purse but I didn't have my wits around me. What a scare!

Lucky Thursday

My oil change has been due for the past sixty or so miles. Not being able to stand it, I called the oil change place I normally take my car to as I was leaving work. They were able to get me in as one of their last cars for the day. Not wanting to wait around, I walk to the mall to see what I could get at Banana Republic. Armed with my gift card, I wasn’t trying to be miserly. I start at the top floor with the latest non-sale stuff and realize they only have mostly fall stuff – sweaters and what not. I pick up a couple styles of cropped pants – 1 pair of bermuda style shorts and 1 pair of dress shorts. Full price at $58 and $78, but who cares? My gift card will cover it. Big difference between spending your own cash and using other people’s money. They had nice flats on sale for $29 but none in my size. A sales girl offers to get a room started for me so I hand her my loot and head downstairs to see what else they have. To my surprise, they have suits on sale. I mean, a little more than $120 total. Excited, I dig in and cop one white linen suit, a black suit and a pair of black pants.

Soon enough, there comes this ultra flaming sales guy. He offers to help and I ask if they have long pants instead of regular length. Looking at the pile I have acquired, he sizes me up and goes, “No, we don’t but I do know that since you are only buying things on sale, you won’t find any down here.” I was like, whaaaaaaat? I couldn’t believe my ears. Men, I have chopped o. So, because I am buying stuff on sale, I am now a second-class citizen? Truth be told, I am as cheap as they come but I’ll buy full price if I really like something. Here I was ready to go all out and this guy comes with this nonsense. He notices that I’m not feeling his cheapskate bias, then says to make me feel better, “You can go up and try the regularly priced long pants and see if you like them better.” Gee, thanks. I replied, “No thanks, I have the long pants and know what they look like on me.” Yup, I’d actually worn those pants earlier in the week. I’d bought them previously at full price and wanted a second back-up pair. He seemed apologetic but whatever. With my mood altered, I just get the jacket to go with the pants I already have. Still a good deal at $79.

I check the time and realize it’s almost time for the oil change place to close for the day. I call up there quickly to see if my car’s ready and it is. I walk briskly to the place, illegally crossing the street at one point because I don’t want them to close up with my car in their garage. When I get there, I notice the garage door is locked. I pray they are still open. They are and the guy at the register types my info into his computer and says, “I see you have a coupon for a free oil change.” Hmmm... That’s funny, I didn’t have a coupon. I tell him so and he insists, today’s your lucky day you’ve got a free oil change. Now, that’s nice. Just as well, I really wasn’t trying to spend any of my own money today anyways. Happy Thursday!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Why I am a Colo

We call each other out on colo (colonial mentality) moves all the time. It's always for jokes but I admit today that I am a colo. Here are a few reasons why I think I am a colo. I went to dinner with these older oyinbo (white) friends of mine instead of keeping it real with my aunt that's here from Naija. One way to justify my decision is that we've had plans to meet up since June. However, my aunt came all the way from Naija. Another way to justify it is that I only had this one day with them and my aunt is here for another week. Still, I am a colo. Why else would I go out to dinner have soup and salad only to come back home to heat up leftover meatpie and peppered gizzards from yesterday's World Cup party? I am a real colo o. Anytime I am in the company of white folks, I eat well. As in, I eat clean. Salads all the way. No sme sme (messing around). For some reason, they inspire me to eat healthy even when they are not. For instance, this couple had pasta and some breaded stuff. Anyway, I thought I'd call myself out today for an obviously colo move. I mean, it really takes the cake.

The last time I was called colo was the 4th of July. As we were driving into the parking garage, this oyinbo neighbor chick of ours asked what we were doing that day - I was just planning on studying because I had finals that week. She mentioned something about joining her at the pool and frozen margaritas. That same day, my friends of the past 18 years were having a party. Which one did I attend? The colo in me couldn't resist. I hit that party up. DH called me out on being a colo but went with me and I enjoyed the frozen margarita.

My colo hall of fame, the one that tops all others and really makes me mad comes from a time that I had this garage sale. I had tons to sell - personal and business. Anyway, I had been trying to sell my leftover spa equipment and I had posted a sign at the skincare institute about this ridiculous sale I was having. I mean, it was like 90-95% off stuff. My facial bed went for like 50 bucks and those things go for $500. It was my way of doing saara (charity). I really thought I was doing a good deed. Anyway, so that is how this one lady, Debra P. Bozeman called and said "Wow, what a deal, I can't believe you're giving all this away." Anyway, she had her husband arrange to meet me and they both kept blowing up my phone. It was a Saturday and I was at the salon trying to do up my 'do and that's how I was just going in and out of the dryer trying to give them directions and what not. You will not believe that they drove over 50 miles and came in this pick-up truck with a dragging thing behind it (similar to what those landscapers have). That's probably the line of work the man was in. Anyway, I was a little surprised at the huge truck and figured they meant business. So, I got chatting with Debra P. Bozeman and found out that she was a student at the skincare institute, about to graduate and was looking to start her own business in skincare. She was delighted that I had so much to sell and it felt good to be able to 'bless' someone. Anyway, that's how she took a hot towel cabi, magnifying lamp, facial chair, facial steamer and other items for a whopping $270. You can imagine how much stuff she took if the bed cost only $50. While she was there, I decided to bless her with some additional supplies, there was this 20-ton cotton thingy (probably two years' supply of cotton), spa robes, mixing bowls, brushes and other knickknacks. I just dashed her those items since she was going to need them and there was no need for her to buy them when I had tons of stuff. Anyway, so that's how Ms. Debra P. Bozeman took the stuff. She didn't buy the stuff, she took it. She wrote a check for $270 - Bank of America and bounced.

Why was this a colo move? Throughout my entire garage sale, I had been accepting CASH only from both oyinbos and dudus (blacks). However, here comes Ms. Sweetface Debra P. Bozeman and I accept her check. Omo men, that check bounced from here to Cape Town. I only knew that the check bounced when I checked my account online and saw that I'd been charged a fee. Now, those fees make me see red. When I investigated further, I saw that it was for this madam. Okay, calmos, I call her and she was as nasty as ever. I couldn't believe my ears. I call her husband and he acted like he didn't know me. WHAAAAAAAT? I couldn't believe it. That's how my colo turned on me. Two years later, I still have the proof of this my colo. I still have the check and it's sitting right here on my desk. It still makes me mad to think about it. In fact, I just called the number and a Mexican-sounding dude picked up the phone. It's all good though. This is an example of how to steal from others. I am not mad about the money, just mad that I was taken advantage of. It sucks to feel cheated. In fact, I was so mad that one day, I called and prayed for her. I actually left her a message praying for her because I felt that for her to actually do something like that, her situation must have been pitiful. However, I'm back to being mad now. This, just like others, too will pass.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend Happenings

TGIF. I am so glad it's Friday. Finals were yesterday and I would have been a lot happier if my class were really behind me. Get thee behind me! However, I still have a project that's due next week and one last class to go over the final before I can bid that class goodbye for good.

As usual, my to do list for the weekend is as long as ever. I consider myself a weekend housewife so a lot of it has to do with what I'll be doing around the house.

Here's what I plan on doing this weekend:

 Write my part of the group project
 Take off these ignorant braids.
 Get a perm on Saturday. Actually, my group meeting has changed this plan. I was planning to get a perm but with my group meeting Saturday morning that won't be possible. Maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't get a perm. Maybe.
 Fold the clothes I washed last weekend
 Do some more laundry. That basket is NEVER empty
 Get guest room ready for sister coming over this weekend
 Sweep and mop
 Possibly vacuum rooms
 Take aunt from out of town to the outlet mall
 Use my BR gift certificate
 Get an oil change
 Wash my car
 Take car to the car wash
 See KEM in concert
 Make some scotch eggs and pick up dessert for World Cup party
 Church on Sunday. If I don't do my hair instead.
 Definitely go to church on Sunday.
 World Cup party on Sunday

Delicious Baked Dodo

Baked dodo. Sounds like an oxymoron but it's true. You can actually have baked dodo. Not boli (grilled plantains) but dodo. We make it all the time and it's really delicious. Just thought I'd share for people who might want to make reduced-fat Naija food. Here's what I do:
 Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees
 Cut up the plantains into little pieces, add salt (other spices optional)
 Spray fat free vegetable spread (or use 1/4 teaspoonful of olive oil) on a cookie sheet
 Lay the plantains flat on the cookie sheet
 Put plantains in oven
 Turn often to make sure all sides are even/Spray more vegetable spread if plantains are sticking to cookie sheet

It takes a little longer than the regular fried plantains but it's a lot healthier.
Here are some pictures from some I made a few weeks ago.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Ignorant Braids

Two words that describe what I have on my head - ignorant braids. My braids are so crazy looking it's not even funny. One thing I miss about Naija is the fact that hair care is so affordable. I have been wearing braids non-stop since last December. Not the same ones o. I got corn rows done twice and braids three or four times since December. These current braids are ignorant because they never looked good from the get go. Now that it's week number six, they just look plain ignorant. I usually try to keep braids in for eight weeks but as soon as finals are through, I'm taking these out next weekend.

The only question is, what to do next? I am getting tired of braids. At this stage in my life, they are the most practical thing. I get up in the morning, give them a quick brush and I'm off. Braids are great especially now that I'm in transition trying to go back natural. Actually, I'm not even sure that I'll be wearing my hair natural. To say that I'm torn about what to do is an understatement. I flipflop between going natural and getting a perm and that's why braids are the best thing for now.

The first time I went natural was in late 2001 and I kept my hair natural for a couple of years. I gave in due to peer pressure and now I'm pretty sure I want to go back natural, but not 100% sure. My neighbor has natural hair and her do is always tight. Looking back, I remember that as much as I loved my hair being natural, it was sometimes a challenge getting it to look right. One day, I just gave in and relaxed the dang thing. Last year was fun, I had this straight look with bangs. Not too bad. My hair was shoulder length and healthy. Then I got tired of dealing with the ceramic iron and using so much heat. That's when I decided to get corn rows and then braids and then the braids got ignorant.