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Monday, August 13, 2007

Been So Long

Today is my first day back after being away from blogsville for such a long time. It's going to be fun catching up with all my favorite blogs. I am also curious about new ones from comments that were left on my earlier posts. I just hope I'll have enough time to go through them and that it wouldn't be an overwhelming task.

While I was gone, I had me a baby. Yes, I am somebody's mommy! Hard to believe but there he is sleeping less than three feet away from me - my bundle of all things exciting. My life has taken a 360 turn and I'm a different me. A less selfish me. A bigger boneded me (lost 20 still have another 12-15 or maybe 20 more to lose). A more serious me (I haven't laughed at other people's foolishness in a while). A less uptight me (hey, how for do, he peed on me this morning!). I am slowing getting used to the concept of we versus me. It's going to be an exciting ride. My life done changed and in more ways than one, it's for the better.