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WARNING: I'm not that deep.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The boy has spoken

My boy Blu has finally said his first coherent word and it was not the Ma-ma I have been teaching him.He said Da-da. Nonsense and ingredients. I have been betrayed. After everything I have done for him, he choses his daddy over me. Throughout this evening, he has been repeating da-da over and over again. Sometimes stretching it out - daaaaaaahdaaaaaaaaah - as if he really wants me to know whose side he is on. Thinking he was confused, I repeated ma-ma over and over again at bath time, and then again as I dressed him, and then again as I held him, but no, that's too hard for my boy. DH and I have a bet going on and I seem to have lost. Not tonight, I have put our little soldier to bed already. I can't have him saying da-da when his daddy gets home. Not tonight anyway. Some other day maybe. I couldn't take the "I told you so!" tonight.