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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nanny vs. Daycare

Once again we are doing the nanny-daycare-nanny-daycare dance. What's it going to be? I was almost settling into the idea of Blu going to the daycare at DH's job when an opportunity came to interview a few nannies. After narrowing it down to two potential candidates, I think we might be getting a nanny but I'm not sure. I still need to think through it. I'm all about the details sometimes. I'm thinking about things such as will she eat our food or bring hers in? This is a somewhat valid concern because we never have a fully stocked fridge being that I put grocery shopping at the back of my to do list. Should she cook for us? They both offered to and I said no, that's okay. I was immediately reprimanded by a friend who said I should have left it open.

One of the candidates wanted to know if it was okay to bring her 4-year old with her. I'm not opposed to it but can I get sued if her daughter gets injured ? (not a very valid concern but I did think about it) Will the little girl be noisy on the days that I have to work from home? This particular nanny knows CPR and can drive so that definitely outweighs any cons associated with bringing her daughter. As for the other nanny, I really, really liked her. There's something about an older woman that just screams mother, caring, stable. She may not be, who knows? But I really liked her just on sight. One thing though, she doesn't speak too much English. Is that even correct? She didn't speak much during the interview and I'm wondering if we'll have communication issues. Again, I liked her because she seems stable and I'm looking for someone who is willing to work with us for a few years. I want someone who's going to love on him almost like his Mama (my term) and be happy doing it. The ideal candidate would be someone like our dada who was just so sweet bringing us puff puff every morning on her way to work. My mom says she still asks after us.

As far as daycare goes, it won't be that inconvenient should we choose to go that route. DH will take Blu with him everyday since the daycare is in his building. However, we would have to get him ready in the morning (and we are so not morning people ourselves) and there are days when we would almost break our necks trying to pick him up before the 6pm or else deadline. Of course the daycare environment is somewhat stable in the sense that they won't quit on you (usually). I'm just not sure about the loving part - the babies stay in their cots all day long and are not held or cuddled much.

Right now, I am loving the freedom having a nanny would give us. We could go out to eat/play/whatever without Blu; I could go get my nails done on my way home from work; when my sister visits we could leave our babies with the nanny and just take off! It all seems exciting now but all of this is dependent on finding the right dada for Blu.


Mama Gotta Work

In a few days, I will be kissing my son (and DH - let me not forget my dear DH) goodbye and heading off to the airport. I so hate it. I so dread it. But Mama gotta work. So soon after getting off maternity leave, I'm already leaving my child. How's that for a welcome back? Speaking of my welcome back, it's so funny how those pregnancy magazines prepared me for my first day back. I'd read so many articles on how to 'ease' back in, how to show you've still got it, and how to deal with co-workers and bosses who think you've just come back from a loooooooong vacation in Hawaii. Those articles sure prepared me for what I was about to face. But nothing, NOTHING could have prepared me for my boss saying : "How do you feel about traveling?" on my FIRST day back.

Excuse me, how the (many, many bad words) am I supposed to feel? How about I feel like quitting but need to be responsible and not do anything that drastic? I was supposed to travel my first week but put it off until now. I'm trying to get a positive outlook about it all. It would be hard to spend just one night away from Blu. I doubt that I'll get any sleep. But Mama's gotta work. And Mama's decided to do a good job while she's at it. No point in half stepping. I done entered it so I might as well do my best.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

My Stats - October 4, 2007

OMG! I just went back to see my stats right after boot camp last year and all I can say is how the mighty have fallen! Thank God for blogging - I didn't have a record of this elsewhere. Anyhow, here are my stats from last October:
Weight - 156
Hips (oh so very important) - 39
Waist - 29
Upper waist (? worrahell, it's smaller so I measured it) - 27
Thigh (one) - 21
Arm - 11.25

Fast forward one year (and one baby): here are my stats today:
Weight - 178.5
Hips - 44
Waist - 37 (is this possible???)
Upper waist - 33
Thigh (one) - 25 (no wonder they rub together)
Arm - 13.5

Now I definitely know that I have to do something. Seriously.


What Would You Pay For a New Body?

How much would you pay to get a new body? What would you pay for a totally different body -not necessarily J-Lo or Janet after she lost those 60 pounds - but a better version of your current self? How much would you be willing to pay for a tighter bod? I asked myself that question as I wrote my new personal trainer a check this evening. Is it responsible to spend the equivalent of 18 months of membership at my old gym in one month when we now have an extra mouth to feed? Is it really responsible?

Here's how I arrived at my answer. When you step on your new bathroom scales and nearly faint when you see 178.5 maybe it is not so irresponsible. When you eat all you want when you get pregnant, lose twenty pounds then regain seven because you can't stay away from the fridge, maybe it's not so irresponsible because doing nothing means that you will gradually eat your way back to your weight pre-delivery. When your thighs rub against each other in a way that you have never felt and you have to walk with your feet very wide apart, maybe it's not so irresponsible. When you cannot wear your regular jeans that you wore throughout your pregnancy AFTER you had your baby, maybe that's not irresponsible. Finally, when you can only wear one pair of jeans, two shorts, and leggings (thank God they came back!) out of all the clothes in your closet, paying extra for a personal trainer might not be a bad idea. Oh and finally finally, when you don't feel good - when you are not at your personal best and it is affecting your mood, getting a personal trainer might be necessary even if it's only for a short while.

I am really wondering if I made a right decision getting this personal trainer keeping in mind that I am paying him the equivalent of eighteen boxes of 216-count pampers. I know this because I had to buy a stash today for my little boy Blu. In the end, I am hoping that a healthier, happier mommy will somehow result in a healthier, happier family and that is priceless, no?

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