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Friday, February 22, 2008

More About My Guy (Obama Supporter)

The guy from the first video talks some more about his background and why he supports Obama. He's originally from Ghana and has quite an interesting story.

Don't Mess with Obama Supporters

Especially not one of African descent! Yes, I'm partial to my African brothers. In this video, the reporter incorrectly assumes that the young man casually dressed, wearing a baseball cap, and a (no word for this really) necklace and chewing gum doesn't have solid reasons for supporting Obama. How wrong was he?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yes You Did

Remember, Bill Clinton's "I did NOT have sex with that woman". Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick's version of that bold-faced lie is written on this t-shirt. Erm, yes you did!


V-Day Update

DH didn't disappoint. I got the flowers (delivered at the end of my work day) and I got the gifts. That, and best of all, the sweetest card. It was really touching. The words on the card took my breath away.

I know Valentine's Day to many is a Hallmark holiday, still, I like it. I look forward to it every year. I would hate for us to not do something special on that day. Yes, we have the whole year to show each other appreciation but what's wrong with definitely doing something on that particular day? It doesn't have to be about the gifts (I say that now but just you wait for that one day I don't get anything). Seriously speaking, it doesn't have to be about the gifts. That one thoughtful card or one sweet note makes it extra special in my books.

That day, I ordered from our favorite spot since we couldn't do dinner outside the house and he went to pick it up. By the time he got back, I had placed his gift on his side of the bed. We went for a run and by the time I went to get changed, I noticed two little boxes and a card on my side of the bed. Too funny. He was surprised I got him something but pleased nonetheless. It made me want to spoil him more. That's the gift-giving part of my V-Day. That being said, I have no expectations for next year. I totally stressed out this year being that things are now different with a baby and all. My biggest fear was that we wouldn't make time for ourselves..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My first Valentine's Day with BOB

This is our first Valentine’s Day with baby on board. This is the first Valentine’s Day that we haven’t had plans. The first Valentine’s Day with no late night after-work dinner. The first Valentine’s Day without flowers? The first Valentine’s Day without a gift? I don’t know. DH hasn’t given me anything yet. No flowers delivered to my job. For the past seven years, I’ve had flowers delivered. At first it was embarrassing. Everybody was like na wa for this your toaster o. I was embarrassed but definitely feeling the love. Year after year, I got something at work and then again when I got home. After a while, the mailroom guys started saying things like see you this time next year. Now, I’m sitting here expecting a lil’ something wondering if I’ll have to make the decision about whether to leave my flowers at work or enjoy them at home?

Maybe this year is supposed to be different. I don’t know. The other day, despite the frigid weather, I took Blu out to buy DH’s gift. I never really bought him anything on V-Day. I’m a me chick. I don’t usually do for him. I felt I owed him something because he’s been nice and I haven’t really reciprocated the niceness. I planned to leave it by his bedside table to surprise him in the morning when he woke up. Instead, the me inside surfaced and said, “How about you just hold on to see what he has planned for you?” I know, that’s not the business.

Maybe this year is indeed supposed to be different. Maybe I’m supposed to be the one doing the toasting. Maybe I’ll give him his gift at dinner and buy some tickets to see Ms. Scott. Surprise him like he surprised me with Stevie tickets. How do grown folks do Valentine’s Day? Is this what I should be expecting the rest of my life? Maybe it’s temporary until Blu gets out of the house. WooHOO! 18 more years of this. Nice!

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Don Tire

Have you ever been in a position where you were tired of everything including yourself? I am just fed up with quite a bit and I'm lashing out unfairly at people closest to me. Here's a list of what's annoying me and why:
  • My nanny situation: From Nanny #1 to Nanny #2 and now to perhaps Nanny #3 and Nanny #4. Yes o, in such a short time, I have gone through so many nannies. Nannies 3 and 4 are the most current. They know each other and want to do a work-share with each working a few days a week. Being in the sorry (read desperate) situation I'm in, I agreed. I am in agreement until the daycare we want has an opening for Blu.
  • Work: This is related to the above situation. I've had to bail out of work so many days in a row that I might as well be a stay-at-home mom. The other day, Blu had a 103 degree temperature and I found myself torn between taking him to the emergency room or getting to my 9 o'clock meeting on time. Guess what I chose? I hate that I was even put in that position. In the car, I broke down and shed some major tears. That must have been my first mommy meltdown.
  • Workout/Trainer: So I made DH my trainer. Who begged me? I hate running and he wants us to go running five times a week. Rain o, snow o, wetin consign him, we must run. I haven't told him that he's been fired. Today, I signed up with a new trainer. Shhhh... I don't know how to break the news to him. Maybe over dinner.
  • Moi: I am just in a sucky mood. DH has been calling me a lot and instead of being nice/pleasant, I told him he was blowing up my phone. That didn't go too well. Bad timing as tomorrow's Valentine's day.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Leaving the Goody-Goodie Behind

At work, I’m rapidly gaining a reputation that I need to discard. I am quickly becoming the safe, boring black girl on the team. It is becoming rather obvious because ain’t that many black girls to begin with and second of all, ain’t that many that fall into the goody-goodie category. I think all this is coming from our oga pata pata (boss’s boss) saying something about me being somewhat of a goody-goodie. People thought it was a compliment but inside I was like, “I’m never going to get anywhere now”.

This whole thing has got me worried. Probably because I have seen that there’s not too much in a goody-goodie’s future career-wise. The goody-goodie is only good for doing the stuff that nobody wants to do but everyone knows the goody-goodie will do without complaining. I am worried about being excluded from the upward-bound list at work because of their impression of me. It all sounds so high school to me even as I write this.

Whenever we go out as a group, I NEVER drink. NEVER. EVER. That of course makes my situation worse. The last time the team met up for drinks at a wine bar, I ordered bottled water. The thing is, I think it is tacky to drink on the job or outside work with work folks. I have seen way too many people act inappropriately because of alcohol to know that I never want to be like that. This is coming for somebody that has never gotten drunk. I just don’t want to take any chances.

So, I have decided that the next best thing I can do is to stop looking so dowdy at work. My work style is way too conservative - probably because I've become more conservative outside of work. When I look at the people at the top, most of them got some element of je ne sais quoi about them, in addition to having the necessary skill set needed to do the work. I sense a relooking coming.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

Let's try this again. I thought I posted this yesterday. Here's the video I was talking about. It's Super Tuesday. Go out and vote. Vote for change. Obama 08!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes. We. Can. produced this piece based on Obama's New Hampshire speech. Kudos to the celebs that got behind him - Common, Kate Walsh, John Legend, Herbie Hancock, Aisha Tyler, The dude from Lost - Harold Perrineau, Ashley from Fresh Prince of Bel Air - Tatyana Ali, Scarlett Johansson,k Nicole S...... from the Pussy Cat Dolls, Hill Harper and many others. Tres inspirational. I have pitched my tent.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

I'm Just Big

So the other day, this girl that should know better asks if I have a bun in the oven. Bun ke? What do you mean bun? She points to her belly (which excuse me, is not the flattest in the world and I’m not being mean). I said: “No, I’m just big.”

I’m just amazed at how unupset I am these days at people thinking I’m either pregnant or still pregnant. Believe it or not but just a couple of months ago, this guy that I hardly ever see at work was at a meeting where I was presenting. When I went to sit down next to him, he asked when my baby was due. I looked at him straight in the eyes and said: “I had my son months ago.” And I was totally not embarrassed. Dude was though. We spent the rest of the meeting exchanging notes. Him apologizing and me telling him it was okay. Really. He totally didn’t upset me.

I really don’t blame all these people. Everyone that has had a baby lately has come out looking better than they did before they got pregnant. Not just the celebs. Even regular people I know. For some reason, I seem to be struggling. I have accepted that it will take me a little longer than I had originally thought. I almost accepted it when a friend told me that I will never get down to my regular size. Almost. Thank God for DH who was there when I hung up. He totally told me otherwise. Thankfully.

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