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Monday, March 17, 2008

He said Mama and other happenings

Just this morning as I was getting ready to go to work, I heard Nanny #3 teaching Blu to say Mama. I've never asked her to do that so I thought "good woman" and went about my normal business. Next thing, as I was putting on my shoes, I heard him say "Mama". Oh, joy! My boy done did it! He said Mama! I was thrilled but that feeling I was hoping for wasn't quite there because I know he's sounding off. He doesn't mean it for real. Still, I'm glad he knows how. I'll be happier when he says it to me and knows what it means.

Other than that, I've started thinking about his first birthday. I was hoping we'd move by the time his first birthday comes around. But alas, with the market the way it is, I doubt that we'll be moving any time soon. Since our place is not conducive to the kind of party I want (with animals and all) I'll have to think of something else. Meanwhile, I've made several edits to my imaginary invitee list. I am uninviting people that haven't come to see him. Haba, one whole year? Forget that. Anyone that hasn't visited him won't be invited. I'll have to tell a 'friend' who already said she's bringing two kids if I have a party.

Boy, do this kid wear me out. I am physically tired just trying to keep up with the little guy. And he can't even walk. He loves his freedom and so every once in a while when he's tired of being held, I'll put him down and let him to do his thing. The only thing is that I can't turn my back when he's roaming the grounds. The other day, he tried to stick his finger in an electrical outlet and before that, I think he licked my shoe. Double ewwww! I washed his mouth out. Three times. Can't believe he'd do such a thing.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

My New Obssession

So, I've lost like 15 pounds since my woe-is-me-I-need-to-lose-weight-after-having-a-baby post. However, I keep adding twenty pounds to my original goal. The plan was to get back to my PPW(pre-pregnancy weight). Now that I'm almost there, I have decided I want to go back to my wedding-day weight. It's funny, when I was at that weight, I was working out furiously to lose even more weight. My trainer at the time told me that was the thinnest I would probably ever be in my life. Tufiakwa! God forbid, I thought to myself at the time. He said that after fasting, working out, starving and dieting for their wedding day, most women never get back to that size. Well, how 'bout we see about that?

Anyhow, I have decided that I want better for myself than my PPW. I want to come close to my wedding day size. I don't think I'll go lower than that though. The thing that blows my mind was that there was a time I never thought I'd be a few cupcakes and rice dinners away from my PPW. Now that I know I can do it, I'm setting bigger goals for myself. DH says that once I "gba were" something, he knows better than to get in my way. So, this is my new obssession. I have been working out four days a week, running harder than I've ever run (willingly), and eating okay some days and off the plan on other days (girl scout cookies, anyone?). It's all good.

About the running, it's amazing to me that I'm able to do it at all. I have always HATED running. Thank you, God. And also thanks to DH for making me run all those days I'd rather have schlumped on the sofa watching mindless tv.

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